L’Oste Scuro at your home!

Starting today, you can have the dishes from L'Oste Scuro delivered directly to your home from Monday evening to Saturday. A simple and fast take-out service (depending on availability), that at the same time guarantees the maximum freshness of the products, as if you were at the restaurant. You can also accompany your chosen dishes with a great bottle of wine: whites, reds, sparkling wines... We have reserved a wide range of truly special labels for you. Please let us know of any food intolerance or allergy.


We bring your fish home.

All seafood crudities will only need to be dressed with the sauce that we provide.

For cooked dishes, we will provide all the ingredients that you will only need to assemble, following a few simple instructions.

The fish or seafood will be almost fully cooked, they will only need a few minutes in the oven or pan to be enjoyed as if they had just been prepared.

Our caviar will be supplied with buckwheat blinis, foil-wrapped potatoes, and crème fraîche.

The wines from our wine list are available with a 10% discount, except for some rare wines.